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I made a folder for UTAU design adoptables and such! If you've submitted any to other folders before, please let me know so I may move them. All UTAU design adoptables and auctions should be submitted only to this folder from now on.
I've been seeing more UTAU design auctions and adoptables floating around, and I was considering making a folder for them!
Would anyone be interested if I were to add such a folder?

(Up until now they've been filtering into Official Art, Featured and Help Requests/Announcements)
So in lieu of the contest only garnering 2 entries, here's the results:

Both technolapin and MeloBunii will receive the first prize!
(A chibi each from me and CrusherP)

Both icons will be used, each for 4 months. I flipped a coin to determine who will be used first, and the winner was technolapin! Their icon will be the face of OSUF until August, then we'll swap over to MeloBunii's for the rest of the year.
Just a reminder that our icon contest submission period ends in just 4 days!!

We've only had 2 entries so far; if you want a shot at the prizes or having your work be the group icon for the next year, be sure to enter before 11:59 PM April 20th!
Unrelated note: Please do not be startled by the amount of people that just "left" the group; I was pruning deactivated accounts!

Hey all! I’m kind of trying to poke this group with a stick again and see what I can do to help with activity around here, so I’m happy to announce the first of hopefully multiple contests this year; a grand OSUF icon redesign!

Our icon has stayed stagnant for many years now, so a change would certainly be nice. Below are the rules of submission and prizes!


1. The icon must be exactly 100px by 50px, and no more than 30kb in file size, either PNG or GIF format.

2. The icon is not required to include an UTAU character image; however, the only UTAU that may be included is Defoko, as she is the mascot of the software.

3. The image must be 100% original. The inclusion or editing of pre-existing Defoko images or UTAU software icons is not allowed.

4. The icon should include either the full group title “overseas-utafest” and/or the abbreviation “OSUF” somewhere in legible font. Pixel fonts are encouraged due to the small size.

5. Animation is not a requirement, but can be a nice touch. However, if the animation interferes with the readability of the title/abbreviation, you may be docked points. If the icon’s animation is severely photosensitive (as in, the entire icon flashing between colors) you may be disqualified.

How To Enter:

Simply submit your finished icon to the new folder we have labeled “Icon Contest 2016”.


April 20th, 2016 at 11:59 PM EST.
Judging may take up to a week, and prizes will be distributed accordingly after the results have been posted!


LuXiongMao (Xue)
Q-Chord (CrusherP)


1st Prize
The winning icon will be used as the face of OSUF for the entirety of 2016!
The 1st prize winner will also receive 2 chibi drawings of whatever VocUTAU characters they choose: one drawn by Myst, and the other drawn by CrusherP.

2 Honorable Mentions
Each will receive a chibi drawn by Myst.

Have fun! We look forward to your entries!

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